A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


The aim of the game is to get 3000 GJ of power stored in batteries.

You are given 1 switch which can turn on any component it's connected to but it has a limited amount of connections. The switch will turn off automatically over time but will turn back on if supplied power.

You can build pylons which, when turned on, will store charge in any connected batteries and also turn on anything it is connected to.

The more batteries you have, the more monsters will spawn. If you have no batteries then the monsters will leave you alone, giving you some breathing room to build up your circuit.

Turrets, when turned on, will search for and destroy any attacking monsters who are looking to destroy your batteries.


  • Left Mouse -- Interact
  • Middle Mouse Drag/ WASD -- Move The Camera
  • Scroll -- Zoom In/Out
  • Right Mouse -- Make Connections


  • You can connect any component to any other component! The only component with a limited amount of connections is the switch!
  • Hover over a component and right click on it start a connection.
  • Click on an empty square to cancel the connection.
  • Hover over another component and right click on it to make a connection between that and previous component.
  • Connect two objects that already have a connection to get rid of their connection.

Install instructions

Just download and unpack the whole zip folder!


FlipTheSwitch_Windows.zip 15 MB
FlipTheSwitch_Mac.zip 16 MB
FlipTheSwitch_Linux.zip 18 MB

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