Back Four Seconds is a Narrative-Driven Puzzle Game where you use the magic of Time Travel™ to keep yourself alive!


  • Q to Open Settings (and Change Sensitivity!)
  • WASD to Move
  • Mouse to Look
  • E to Interact
  • T to Time Travel!
  • M to Mute Music.
  • SPACE to Skip Cutscenes


  • The red area on your timeline the time after your death, the green area is when you can still fix things!
  • Knowing knows yourself better than you! Talk to Martin (red tie) and he'll usually have some helpful hints towards your next objective!
  • Each problem has multiple solutions but, in order to beat the game, you will need to interact with everyone and everything! Sometimes even multiple times! Leave no stone unturned!
  • If someone doesn't want to talk to you because you said something silly, go back in time and erase yourself before you can do that! They'll tell you how long ago you ticked them off. How strange, yet convenient!


  • Engine: Unity
  • Sprite Editor: Aseprite
  • Model Editor: Blender3D
  • Audio Recorder: Adoble Audition

Music by my very good friend J-ZERO. Check out his LP right here:

Install instructions

Should be a simple case of unpacking the .zip file and running the executable for your operating system! Let me know in the comments if you run into any issues!


Windows 160 MB
Mac 164 MB
Linux 168 MB
Download 34 MB
Download 34 MB
Download 33 MB
Download 9 MB
0.1 8 MB

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